Sunday, September 20, 2015

Catching Up to September

The Indigo class was a great success. Lots of wonderful patterns created by the willing crew.

We spent 2 1/2 days tying, wrapping, clamping, stitching and dyeing our creations.

On the last day we made books and sewing bags.

Gosh it was fun.

There's little more beautiful than fresh dyed indigo flapping in the breeze.

And we had marvelous weather for the weekend.

Kathie even let us do some rusting from her great stash of metal.

She prepared us lunches and suppers! It was incredible to eat her fabulous food and to watch her prepare it with seeming ease. Thank you Kathie and you terrific attendees for a wonderful weekend.

It seemed like the garden exploded overnight into riotous flower and fruit.

The persimmons are like sculpture; I love to watch them mature.

And the winter squash, strewn among the fallen plums. The vines are dying. Summer winding down.

I stretched the Big Big canvas. I love to stretch canvas. I know; I must be crazy. But I do love the mundane studio tasks as well as the moments of joy when something in a painting satisfies me.

I've been at it.

Flinging myself at the paint; flinging the paint at the substrate.

I talked Shellie (my daughter) into trying non-representation. 

She was exhausted by the end of the day. 

She said that painting a subject is so much easier because you know what it's supposed to look like.

Or at the least you have a starting place.

Whereas in non-representational painting, you have to invent everything.

I agreed.

I think it's the most challenging painting I've ever tried.

I'm only at the beginning of my search.

But I'm loving it. 

Thank you for stopping by. 

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Last Two Versions of the Big One

Day 29 above.

Day 30. Whew! 
After a full 30 days of painting each day I feel like the marathon runner who throws herself across the finish line. 
Now I can finally start new paintings. 
Bye bye Big Big. You've been a worthy studio companion.

Friday, September 04, 2015

My Month of Paintings

So in my last post I shared with you the first 5 versions of my month long challenge to myself to paint daily on the same painting. 
I can hardly remember why I started this challenge to myself other than that I had a failed painting on a 48x60" canvas that I didn't know what to do with. 

So I threw that canvas on the floor on the first day and just started painting meandering lines on it. And then one thing just sorta let to another. It was fun. Addictive.

On some days the changes I made were ghastly. So I decided to accept that. Believe me when I say it wasn't easy to accept the ugly. The badly composed. 
My inner critic was howling but I sat him in a corner and continued.

To make it even harder, I started posting the results on Facebook every day so that all my uglies hung out for everyone to see. 
As the wonderful Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson said on her site long ago, I had my underpants on my head. That brave.

I wanted to stop several times.

This version for example.

But by then the friends on Facebook urged me on.

"Joy, joy, destroy" as my idol Carlito says.

I destroyed.

And overcame fear.

I rose again.

And was glad I'd had courage.

Was able to get out a lot of silly.

And watch as things rose up ...

faded away ...

and became other things.

I grew tired of it at times.

But kept going.


Went off in some real strange directions.

And found that I didn't care any more.

I had lost some essential part of me that was fearful.

That always held me back.

Tomorrow I'll show you the last 2 days.

Thank you for witnessing my journey. 
I hope you find a way to realize your dreams if they are good ones. 


Monday, August 10, 2015

Sweet Corn and Summer

Keeping busy on my end. We had the first ears of corn out of the garden last night and they were so tender that we ate them raw. One of my favorite garden treats.

Summer here is divine. No rain since May; I really miss the seasonal rains and thunder, but why wish for the moon when you have the stars?

My daughters have been visiting several times a week to paint with me. I love that. Usually, I work in the journal when they're here.

I also have a little project going on in the studio. Well, a big project, actually.
A canvas that's 45x60" that I'm adding to on a daily basis and then posting the results on Facebook. My plan is to see what happens in a month.

I'm 5 days into the project and the results so far are pictured above.
It's scary to go into the woods in public so to speak. Because nearly every painting has its awkward stages.

We've kept up the family hikes on Sundays.

Dont know what got into me on this one above. I tried to make it family friendly.
Almost didn't post it but then I know you all have a sense of the absurd along with me.

I've been practicing calligraphy too. I never got very good at it but love to shape the slow letters.

Mount Raung only 90 miles from Bali has been spewing all summer, forcing the airport to close and stranding tourists there. 
My comadre Kathie Vezzani has been watching nervously as she doesn't want to lead over a dozen of us into danger, ashfall or inconvenience. 
What a huge responsibility she has. 
Anyway, she finally made a decision to cancel our Bali trip that was scheduled for mid-September.

As a result of that, she and I are offering a 3 day class at her studio in Gig Harbor, Washington during the time we would have been in Bali. 
Please feel welcome to join us there as we explore indigo and enjoy each other's company. 
Kathie's given you all the details here and she will be preparing her fabulous meals for us ... swoon!

Thank you for stopping by. Stay well, stay connected, stay beautiful.